Tinman Mobile Canning | FAQ
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Does your equipment come into our facility or is it operated inside of a truck?

We are a fully mobile operation. All equipment is taken out of our trailer and brought into your building.


What are the canning line requirements?

Space: For our typical set up, we require a 35′ x 7′ working area. This includes space for loading/unloading pallets of product. However, we are able to work with smaller spaces if needed.


Power: 208/240 3-phase power at a minimum of 20 amps is required within 100 ft of the production area.


Manpower: We typically require that you provide 4 employees. Depending on  final product packaging, more help may be needed to keep up with the work flow.


How much does canning cost?

In short: it all depends. There are many factors that affect pricing. Contact us for details. We can assure you that mobile canning is much more cost-effective than purchasing your own canning equipment.


Is there a minimum quantity I have to reach?

As a rule of thumb, our minimums for a local job (within 60 miles of metro PDX) is 200 cases, while our “travel” minimums run at 400 cases. If you are a long distance away for us, or the schedule requires overnights away from home base, there may be additional costs incurred.


What is your service area?

We service all of Oregon, Washington and parts of California.


How many cases are you able to can in a day?

We schedule all formats at 1,000 cases per day, but 1200-1400 cases is easily achievable with our high speed canning lines.  (24 cans = 1 case)


What can sizes do you fill?

12 oz standard
16 oz standard
187 mL slim
250 mL slim
375 mL slim


What do you offer for Quality Control?

We pride ourselves on the extensive host of quality control checks and measures we offer our customers for their canning runs. Digital seam reports with our CMC Khunke seam analyzer, Dissolved Oxygen testing, sterility swabbing, check weighing, and internal pressure testing are all done on site as standard offerings.  Our lines are all fully heat rated and equipped for chemical free steam sanitization as well, so that you can rest assured that nothing will be left to chance with your beverage.


Can you carbonate in-line?

Yes! We are now offering in-line carbonation with our state of the art carbo-dosing line, with minimum quantity requirements.


What about Velcorin? Do you provide that service?

Yes! This is a new service we are now scheduling. Inquire for more details.


What are my options for decorating the can?

The options available for decorating your cans are: pressure sensitive labeling (done on our line), sleeve labeled cans (done by a third party) or printed cans (done by the can manufacturer). We work with all three, so let us know what you are looking for and we can help guide you down the right path.


Can I bring my wine to you for canning? (Co-packing)

While we do not offer co-packing in-house, we have partnered with reputable facilities in the Portland area that offer their expertise and facilities for co-packing arrangements. We are happy to forge the connection for you and help get your program into a space that is just right for your beverage!